Thats Doctor Wikipatrick to You I am relaxing...though not at home. my car broke down in allentown PA. luckily there was a SAAB dealership close by so I was able to get a tow there. the bad news is that they had to order the parts to fix it which means I had to get a hotel room here in allentown for the night. things have been boring to say the least save one experience. I had to go find dinner and the only restaurant within easy walking distance of my hotel was a bennigans. I walked down there and sat at the bar between a guy on my left and a couple on my right. I order a huge (22 oz.) beer and a bacon cheeseburger figuring that was a safe and exquisite combination that would cheer me up. Normally I wouldn't talk to people at the bennigans bar like this but the guy next to me asked if I was from arizona. I gave him a confused look and said no...he apparently thought my A State T-shirt was actually arizona state (easily confused I suppose). I explained that it was arkansas and he asked if I was a student. Rather than explain to him that I was kind of a student and kind of not and all this shit I said that I worked there at the bioscience center. He asked if I was a doctor and I thought for just long enough to lie and say, "Yup brand new". He then proceeded to question me on my speciality and I think he thought I was a medical doctor which was even more surprising than him believing that I was a PhD. I was sitting at a bennigan's bar with a huge beer wearing ripped cargo shorts and college T-shirt. Nobody in their right mind would ever trust a family members health to me...except maybe this gullible bastard. I decided to come clean (sort of) and told him that I studied the practical application of phytochemicals (which I think he assumed was some sort of drug, but actually just means plant chemicals). We talked a bit more about other things and I eventually left after seeing on the TV that the celtics landed Kevin Garnett (for 7 players but thats besides the point I guess). Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett...the next big three??? Since then I've been in my ill appointed hotel room watching old TV and surfing you tube from link to link. See if you can follow my linking starting with me watching who's the boss on TV
1. Who's the boss
2. Alyssa Milano
3. Poison Ivy II
4. Poison Ivy I
5. Drew Barrymore
6. John Barrymore
7. Hamlet
8. Shakespeare
9. Anne Hathaway (shakespeare's wife)
10. Anne Hathaway (Actress)
11. Audrey Hepburn
12. Breakfast at Tiffany's
13. Truman Capote
14. Harper Lee
15. Banned Books
16. Catcher in the Rye
17. Mark David Chapman
18. John Lennon
19. The Beatles
20. British Invasion

And you thought that a 1980s show about an italian american housekeeper had no connection to the british invasion of 1960s. Wanna play trivial pursuit? Patrick OUT!

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