Wooba Gobba with the Green Teeth

Picked up my car yesterday evening and avoided having a meltdown with the people there. Paid my bill and left promptly...car is running fine. Weather has been a little cooler recently which has been nice but I was really expecting summer to continue for a little longer. If that wasn't enought to snap me out of the summer relaxation mode, I had my weekly meeting with Pam and Kris yesterday. Usuaully these are fairly uneventful. This one went as they usually do until the end when Pam decided she had some things she wanted to talk about. Not the least of which was my PhD qualifier *gulp*. She wants to do it in December which is mostly fine until she mentioned that she wants to write a review article for Current Medicinal Chemistry. By "she wants to write" I really mean, "she wants me to write" an article. Normally I would be OK with such a thing because I could use a couple of papers with my name as first author but they want that submitted at around the same time as my qualifier would be happening. I guess I can kiss any sort of extracurriculars for those few months, goodbye. In addition, the GC here is still non-functional and just gathering dust in a different building. They keep telling me to be patient but it is fustrating because with a few supplies I could probably get it up and running in just a few days and then be on my way. Of course, that would make far too much sense to be feasible. All this boils down to, I've got lots of experiments I would like to do but can't and lots of other work that I would rather not do...staring down at me. My solution...waste time by writing a blog entry. I should work for the government. Patrick OUT!

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