A cut above the rest

This week has been mighty slow, every day I see a few old faces I haven't seen yet since being back. Most people seem surprised when i tell them I enjoyed my time in Arkansas and give me a look like..."you wouldn't move down there would you?" Well, I probably wouldn't move down there but its certainly nice for a visit. I guess I'm just too much of a yankee at heart to ever live quite so far below the mason dixon line. The lab has been rather quiet and I haven't been able to do a whole lot but that should change rather shortly and I think things will pick up. Since my schedule is a little bit relaxed this week, I got a haircut this morning. Actually, I got them all cut. I have been going to this one woman to get my hair cut practically since I was born. Sometimes she really amazes me. I will mention something while sitting in her chair and 1-2 months later she can recall it like I told it to her yesterday. She must take notes or something and then study up the night before I come in or something like that. With a memory like that the woman really should have been a detective or something like that. Beyond that I haven't really done a whole lot since being back. I did get to finally see Elsa's new apartment in watertown. Its a pretty nice place with a fair amount of potential save for the hideous wall paper and funny chandeliers. Other than that, not too shabby. I have to bring my car in next week to get a coolant leak fixed. I'm brining it to a dealership and I'm fairly certain they have loaner cars. Normally this wouldn't excite me all that much but the other half of the dealership sells hummers. A little part of me wants to roll around in one of those bad boys for a day or so. I think above all cars, a hummer symbolizes my personality the best. Ok...so that is totally not the case at all, i'm probably more of a toyota camry kinda guy but I can dream. I'm not even sure what I would do with a hummer, maybe I could off-road it to work then park across 5 spaces in the garage because having a car like that makes you more important than most and thus worthy of taking up more spaces, obviously. Anyways, i'll update you on the loaner car sooner or later. Patrick OUT!

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