Not about religion

It looks like people have started to notice a little bit that my disillusionment and disappointment with organized religion has reached something of a point recently. This post will not address that but will instead focus on the other thing that reliably pisses me off, mainly the US government overstepping its bounds. Now we have the advent of punitive taxation, which I guess is not totally correct because most taxation is somewhat punitive and anytime we move closer to a socialist society it becomes more so but thats a topic for another post. Instead, we have the 90% taxation of bonuses paid to corporations receiving bailout money. So I have lots of problems with this concept. The first is obviously that the government is bailing out private business. The second is that in response to public outrage the US congress has taken upon itself the responsibility of taking the money back from private hands. This clearly exposes the problem in the first place which is that you shouldn't give money to people that waste it. I think we can simplify the situation with a childhood metaphor in which Johnny lends his poor friend billy a few dollars. This would be a nice thing for Johnny to do but unfortunately our situation has some caveats. In our scenario, Johnny knows that Billy is poor because he wasted all the money he had before. Furthermore, the money johnny is lending is actually his parents money. In our new scenario, Johnny might be surprised to find out that Billy used the money to buy candy but we can not rightly ascribe more blame to Billy than we can to Johnny for being dumb. Furthermore, Johnny's parents, the source of the cash in the first place, shouldn't be mad at billy but rather should be mad at johnny for being so irresponsible with their money. Furthermore, they should be mad regardless of whether Johnny recovered some of the money or the candy because he has shown that he is not worthy of his parents trust. That all being said, I think we should send the government into the corner for gross mismanagement. No dessert for congress and if the senate doesn't shut up we're going to turn this country right around and go back home, etc. Patrick OUT!!!

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