This might just be the end of my rope

I'm having trouble finding the words to express my outrage at what I've learned the UN has in the works. The organization of the islamic conference is gearing up to present a binding resolution before the general assembly entitled, "Combating Defamation of Religion." A fairly innocuous title with a disturbingly sinister motive. The idea behind the whole thing is to have a UN mandate for the implementation of anti-blasphemy laws. Thats right...they want to limit your and my free speech in the name of protecting islam. These are the same countries that already limit the rights of non-muslims and impose restrictions on the universal human rights of minorities (not the least of which are WOMEN). Is it a coincidence that many of these same countries fought against the universal declaration of human rights. Makes sense, humans don't all have the same rights but god forbid you insult a muslim. UGH! It is a sad sad day when any islamic country has the opportunity to dictate their morals to the rest of the world. They've already pushed through a non-binding resolution and thats where this needs to STOP. The result of its passage would be the ability for nations to request extradition of anyone who questions or criticizes religion anywhere in the world and subject them to international justice. Imagine if the ayatollah had been able to request extradition of salman rushdie...he would have been murdered in the streets...for a book. There is perhaps no more important facet of western society than the ability to question and criticize those in power. This history of this right to freedom of expression is verifiably the history of progress and is its most important offspring. This resolution is an affront to the very foundations of western civilization and I would urge anyone reading this to speak up and let your fellow citizens know how dangerous the UN has become to US sovereignty. Its time to stand up to the theocratic and dictatorial thugs in the UN and say, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH".

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