Ode to my Corn Muffin

This morning I had a corn muffin for breakfast that was so heavenly I’ve decided to eulogize it in verse. I’m feeling particularly literary today and I think my post have been a bit too heavy in recent weeks so with that…I offer my ode.



My muffin so sweet

Crunchy top and soft bottom

Nourish me today



I ate a corn muffin this morning

Its crumbs went awry without warning

But its taste was so good

That I probably would

Feel tomorrow, nothing but yearning



To eat that muffin this morning so fine

A pastry never could do so well to

Fill my grumbling internal hole in time

Power a warm muffin contains, so new


Alas, my lips doth touch the moist sweet cake

My words cannot describe the taste as well

Indeed, for this is what you ought partake

And then perhaps, like me, you would yet tell


O how I wish I had another one

So that we both might share the feel this day

And then of course I would not be yet done

For now it seems as if I have to say


All thine muffins canst not compare to it

Compared to mine, yours must taste like dog shit (I just couldn’t resist…Shakespeare couldn’t have done better)


Patrick OUT!!!








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