Saint Patrick

Alas it has come again, Saint Patrick’s Day…a time when we can all be Irish or at least we can all live up to Irish stereotypes for a night or so. We can eat corned beef and cabbage and drink too much beer…maybe even get into a fight. Because what would saint Patrick’s day be without a couple of drunken fights. Now this may seem a bit sophomoric but let me tell you…a drunken fight is way better than what this holiday could have been. You see, Saint Patrick’s day like Saint Valentine’s Day is in fact the feast day of these particular saints. A day when we are supposed to commemorate the saints and their ascensions into heaven. So lets see what our other religious option would have been. We could commemorate the conversion of thousands of heathen Irishmen to Christianity so that one day many centuries later they could kill each other over the minute differences in their faith. Or we could drink Guinness and sing “When Irish eyes are smiling.” We could be remembering the fallacious claims that a 5th century bishop drove the snakes from an entire island (that didn’t actually have snakes to begin with)…or we could have a big parade with bag pipes and leprechauns. This I think settles it…we have a choice but really no choice at all…5th century missionary or drunken debauchery. Remember…DWMJ (Dude where’s my Jesus?).  Patrick OUT!!!


What I’m listening too: Cherish the ladies



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