Something to look forward to

Its looking like I’m going to be in Helsinki Finland this July for a conference. I’m excited about it but I just visited the hotel web site and found this on their accommodations description page.


Accommodation / Hotel Facilities

Have a good nights’ sleep in marine surroundings

From our hotel rooms you have a perfect view of the Finnish archipelago.

From Rantapuisto you have excellent connections to the main highways, the centre and the airport, and also the sights and services of Helsinki. The parking facilities of the hotel offer an abundance of parking space.


“Have a good nights’ sleep in marine surroundings.” Yikes, it sounds like this place might be run by the mob…I’m not sure I want that at all. Luckilly there is a good view of the archipelago. Lastly, the big selling point of the hotel is the abundance of parking space and easy ways to get out and go someplace else. So there you have it…a good view, and parking, and possibly sleeping with the fishes. I cannot wait. Patrick OUT!!!



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