So I talk to myself...what?

So over the past week a couple people have asked where I get the ideas for posts or rather why they can be so different. So the truth is that I often have multiple ideas for a post on a particular day and just pick one of them to write about. Those of you who read the “Ode to my Corn Muffin,” will realize that this is not ALWAYS the case. I write mostly in the mornings, like now, but sometimes I write the next days post in the evening and just wait to post it until I get to work the next day. That’s another thing…I do all my posting at work…just don’t tell my boss. Sometimes posts take me 5 minutes to write and other times because I’m doing other things they can take many hours to compose. Usually my ideas come from only a few places: other blogs I read, news wire services, conversations with other people, and more often than not…conversations with myself. I know, I’ve had this conversation before with people in the lab, and so its really only half the confession it might otherwise be. I talk to myself… in the car …all the time. Its not just singing along to the radio (though I do that on occasion to). Since I have two 40 minute drives every day it’s a time when I find myself rehashing conversations (usually arguments) I had that day and how I could have done better. I get to say all the things that I would have said to my boss if I wasn’t worried about being fired or not graduating. I can say the stuff to the cute girl I’ve been looking at but am too nervous to ask out. I can yell at politicians for the stupid ways they spend my money. Rehearse my nobel prize acceptance speech or refine my treatise on post-stalin communist thought. Some of those things make it in here…thankfully, most do not. I guess to some degree, every time I write a post I’m talking to myself with the hope and occasional confirmation that people actually read it. Even if I found that I had no readers at all, I think I would probably still write the same stuff just for the cathartic value of it all. I would still talk to myself too. Patrick OUT!!!


What I’m Listening Too: Dancing with myself – Billy Idol



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