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Recently the Pope proclaimed that condom’s would not help the AIDS crisis in Africa and would in fact make the matter worse. Here again, we have the backwards policy of abstinence first and common sense second taking charge within St. Peters. The catholic church needs to get with the times here and realize that fighting against the use of condoms in a place where the rate of HIV infection can reach more than 25% of the population. If a politician or a doctor advocated such policies in this country they could and should be brought up on charges of negligence and perhaps homicide. It is the height of irresponsibility to put the sanctity of dogma above the sanctity of human life. I use that terminology in full view that it usually refers to the idea of “life beginning at conception.” Which is really a somewhat crazy idea to begin with. I mean lets just get this whole thing straight…the church would have us believe that every little sperm in joe catholic’s “seed” is a little potential life. If that’s the case there is a veritable massacre going on every time someone has sex with or without a condom. The vast majority of those little soldiers don’t make it, in fact like 300 million will die in the process of searching for an egg that might not even be there. If those are lives, then that’s the equivalent of killing the whole population of the planet just to get your rocks off. Shame on all of you for killing so many innocent young sperm. Those little swimmers are just trying to make it in this crazy world of ours and you go off shooting them down a dark alley full of twists and turns without so much as a second thought. Of course, if you wear a condom you are then killing 300,000,001 instead. WOAH…way worse that way. Furthermore, is it their supposition that the conception is some sort of divinely inspired event in which a single sperm containing the sole of an individual is guided to an egg to make a new creature in the image of god? Right? Ok, so God, who can’t find it within himself to stop the genocide of innocent children in the sudan or in Rwanda…reaches down with his divine hand and picks one of your little swimmers and guides him along. First off…that’s gross…secondly…its stupid. Lastly, this idea that life begins at that moment…does that mean there was something other than life before that moment. The sperm was alive…the egg was alive…they combine to be still alive, but not a human. They are no more a human than a kidney is a human or half your brain is a human. They are human tissue but they are not a person. In fact they don’t even have all the right parts to be a human. We can throw out DNA as being the qualifier here because of the above examples and so we are left with the most basic definition of a human which is tissues and organs arranged in a particular way at a particular time and a 10 week old embryo doesn’t even come close to fitting that description. A baby chimp comes closer to approximating a human than does an embryo. But no! For this backwards interpretation of god’s will…the pope would have people die a protracted death from a viral infection that could have been  prevented. The moral issue here is not if contraception is wrong; it is that willfully ignoring common sense is wrong. This is the fundamental basis behind the ethics of belief and why it is a fundamental moral wrong to believe such things without evidence. The catholic church and the pope should be ashamed of themselves for this outrageous affront to human dignity. Patrick OUT!!!



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