Anonymity on trial

Blogger Anonymity

A high court on Britain has ruled that bloggers do not have the right to anonymity that they have enjoyed for so long. It comes after the case of a police constable was writing sometimes sensitive details about actual cases. The Times of London wanted to reveal his identity and now they are able to do so.

This is one of those things  that I hope stays on the other side of the Atlantic. Whilst we are guaranteed the freedom of expression by our bill of rights that guarantee only carries sway with governmental action. The realm of the internet and the anonymity therein allows for even the most unpopular or controversial views to be voiced. This is the most important breakthrough of the technological age. The unhindered sharing of information and views just got a little bit harder in the good old UK.

For certain, I am able to hide behind a certain veil of anonymity here in this forum (though many of you know me personally) but the security of that anonymity is always on my mind. The literal freedom of expression that it allows cannot be understated and is crucial to not only my own little corner of the internet but also to much bigger fish out there on the interweb.  

Hopefully the brits will figure this all out and reverse the decision and realize what an important facet of modern communications web anonymity has become. Patrick (possible pseudonym) OUT!!!


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Anonymous said...

The constable's entire arguement was that his identity shouldn't be released because then he would get in trouble for releasing confidential information, in breach of departmental regulations. basically, he didn't want to get in trouble for knowingly breaking the rules! yeah, not so much an arguement for anonymity, especially when someone was able to expose him just by doing some simple research.

This comment, though???? yup, anonymous. unless you have a court order to get the ip address.

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