Box of Chips Pays for Prostitution

Oklahoma prostitutes are apparently willing to work for peanuts…actually chips. Lahoma Sue Smith was arrested and fined more than $1000 after, officers claim, she accepted a $30 box of frito-lay chips in return for her “services.” Now I’ve never been a prostitute nor been with a prostitute but that doesn’t seem like quite market value to me. Now if he had thrown in a case of coke to go with it…well that’s a different story. Either that or they were some damn good chips…maybe those really crunchy kettle cooked kind? But would I sell myself for some sour cream and onion? Probably not.

If I was peddling my wares for foodstuffs I would need something quite a bit better than chips. Maybe crab legs? Chateaubriand would probably get me goin’. At the very least a bottle of DP would be required and no, I wouldn’t share. Luckily my career path should steer pretty clear of all that; unlike a friend of mine who sold his plasma in grad school for the free cookie and $30, I’m not quite there yet. I wonder if he would have taken a whole case of chips instead of the cash? Patrick OUT!!!




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