Cheney more popular than Pelosi

Seriously…click the link and see for yourself.

That must really ruin Nancy’s day. To have a poll first off that seeks to make that comparison in the first place and secondly to find that a guy who organized an ill thought out invasion of Iraq, shot his friend in the face, and cozzied up to corrupt CEOs is just a bit more popular than you are. Yikes, that could drive me into therapy. In the picture I saw, Nancy did seem to look a bit surprised…of course she always looks surprised. Side note: if I ever have kids making funny faces at relatives and the like, I’m going to bring out the old, ‘if you hold your face like that long enough it’s gonna stay that way’ and then I’ll point to pictures of Pelosi as proof. Sometimes she reminds me a bit of skeletor from he-man and he reminds me a bit of the danny devito’s “The Penguin” from that awful batman movie. Imagine the evil villainy that they could come up with as a tandem! Scary…

Patrick OUT!!!



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