Reaching out to the Muslim World

So our dear leader, President Obama, is trying to make amends with the muslim world…reaching out to Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq and saying…we can find common ground and prosper together. I’m gonna go ahead and call bullshit on this one. I categorically do not believe that the United States will ever be able to see eye to eye with the governments (not necessarily the people) of these countries so long as they espouse sharia or sharia insprired law. Furthermore, its not just that we aren’t able to see eye to eye its that we shouldn’t see eye to eye on these things.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally get that we need oil from these people so we need to play nice but all the platitudes in the world about “Islam: the relgion of peace” are total bull. When it comes down to it, Islam now is stuck where Christianity was hundreds of years back and Judaism was before them. No ability to see beyond their own dogma or to relent on even the slightest issue, I mean these people still want to punish apostasy with DEATH (even here in the US). Any country that practices stoning under any circumstance should be immediately cut off from foreign aid from the US. Furthermore, people in this country need to wake up and realize that the moral relativism that lets them sleep at night is CRAP. Seriously…some things are right and some things are WRONG and sharia law is wrong.

If we as a country want to really have that moral high ground we always claim to have we need to do a lot of things (stop torturing prisoners, forget capital punishment, etc.) and we need to call a duck and duck when we see it. Vandalism and riots in the streets over some poorly done comics in Denmark…yea, that’s crazy. Anyone who thinks that was justified needs to have their head checked. Whats really insulting? Seeing women in Afghanistan walking around with their whole bodies covered all the time and being forced to walk behind their husbands. It pisses me off so much that I think I’m going to go burn some cars in protest. Oh wait, I’m not gonna do that…because I’m not clinging to some ass backwards painfully outdated dogmatic approach to life that prescribes violent acts against fellow human beings for even the slightest misstep. Patrick OUT!!!

OK, I’m not really that mad…but seriously, enough is enough

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