How can this be real

Two American reporters have been sentenced to 12 years hard labor in North Korea for allegedly crossing into the country illegally from China. This is straight out of a Hollywood script…two attractive idealistic American journalists captured by the evil north Koreans and thrown into a dank prison destined to break rocks for the rest of their days. At this point, we would probably need to throw in a nuclear stand-off (almost already there) and perhaps a handsome Jack Ryan-esque CIA agent to spice things up with a rescue. Probably a car chase in there too. Instead out actual response will be a lot of hand waving and maybe an embargo or two of American goods. Not quite as exciting as the summer blockbuster version and I’m not sure it will be quite as effective. I also don’t really see what N.Korea gains from the whole thing. Are they trying to further the common understanding that they are an ass-backwards dictatorial regime that mistreats their own people and doesn’t want to play nice with the rest of the world. Do they want to stand up to the US by imprisoning 6 ten-millionths of the population? I mean seriously…whats the point…wouldn’t it be better to show some goodwill and let them go with a slap on the wrist rather than try and escalate matters over something so trivial. Besides all that…who sentences prisoners to hard labor anymore? Are we back in 1930? Of course given that “Members Only” jacket that Kim Jong –Il likes to sport…his ability to keep up with the times seems rather limited. Hope they figure this shit out soon. Patrick OUT!!!


Side Note: The Framingham TAB  seems to think I deserved a promotion. Gotta read to the end for the good stuff.



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