What a Pair

For more than 4 years now, I’ve been taking the same route to work every day. Its funny how you can drive it so many times and not notice things along the way. Today, due to road construction, I was caught in a bit of traffic in an area of shrewsbury that I normally fly through. Whilst there, I noticed a video store which I had seen before and realized for the first time that its not the little mom and pop independent video rental place but rather its an “adult” video store. No biggie…but on either side of it are a uniform supply house (I’m guessing from the signage that the video store might sell similar if not a bit smaller uniforms of the same ilk) and the great American flag company.

I think there is something really spectacular about having a shop for porn and a shop for Americana right next to each other in the heart of shrewsbury. It says a lot I think. Really its just convenient because now on those lonely and patriotic Saturday nights, I really only need to make one trip. How convenient is that? I can celebrate the first amendment by buying all the hemaphorodite midget clown porn I want and then wrap myself in a red white and blue bunting. Yes sir…we live in the best country on earth. Patrick OUT!!!



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