Beware of the "O"

I kinda need to get this out in the open…Oprah is full of shit. Seriously never take advice from this woman…ever. Not on what books to read, what to eat, what to wear, and especially not in medical practice.

Newsweek: Why Oprah could make you sick

OK, I feel better now and I didn’t even need bioidentical hormones to get me there (read the article you’ll understand). Patrick OUT!!!


Mel said...

doesn't she run a really high risk of cancer from using all of those hormones? I thought that was why women were discouraged from taking estrogen after menopause.

Patrick said...

you bet she does (which is why oprah is not only dumb but also dangerous) as well as an increased risk of heart disease and some other awful disorders. thats why hormones shouldn't be administered by washed up actresses or over paid talk show hosts but rather by QUALIFIED medical professionals

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