Silence is the Enemy

Gonna get serious for a minute here…


So the blogosphere has been pretty active recently responding to calls for increased attention to the enormous problem of rape in Africa. A recent study has concluded that upwards of 25% of men in South Africa have raped and 46% of those have done so on more than one occasion. Even more scary over 26% of those men said that they committed their first rape under that age of 14. These are children committing one of the most despicable crimes imaginable and they do so with virtual impunity in a country that doesn’t hesitate to look the other way. The problems in a society that looks at gang-rape as normal are clearly many and the question of what can we do is obviously large. There are numerous advocacy groups already established including doctors without borders, human rights watch, and physicians for human rights that are all doing good work to try and bring attention to this problem and to provide medical care to the victims. Please consider donating to these worthy causes. Patrick OUT!!!


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