Things are heating up

I’m gonna make a quick list of the people I’m especially glad not to be

1.       Eric Roberts – think of all those awful movies he’s been in

2.       Manny Ramirez – losing all that money and part of your gender

3.       Timothy Geitner – in charge of the treasury is not a great place to be right now

Last but not least…Barack Obama. Seriously…this shit is hitting the fan all over the globe and I really hope we get something more than “hope.” “Change” might be ok though. We’ve got the N.Koreans getting ready to launch a missile to Hawaii. Al queda saying they wouldn’t hesitate to use a Pakistani nuke on the US. Somalia declaring a state of emergency and asking for help from the “International Community” in fighting the islamists as they take over the government and try to install sharia law (please world…not another one). Troops getting ready to pull out of major Iraqi cities. And a domestic health care debate like never before. Yikes…and you thought your day was rough. The worst part of my day was the weather.

Note to self…don’t run for president any time soon. Patrick OUT!!!


P.S. people I wouldn’t mind being…the board of goldman sachs, ready to report the highest profits in the company’s history and receive immense bonuses because of it.


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