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Another athletically busy couple of days. Played volleyball on monday evening with Dan, Scott, Audrey, Melinda and Melinda's roomate (whose name I can't remember, but she was nice and VERY southern). Had a good time, though my arms were a little sore that night. Went out for pizza afterwards to a place downtown. It was pretty good, we got there just before closing time, no not 1 or 2 am...9pm. I really can't figure out how places do business around here. The "best barbecue place in town" according to most, Demo's is open from 11:00am - 8:00 pm. In my mind that means that they close for dinner, seems crazy but I guess it works for them. Just have to start eating dinner at 4:00, maybe I can get a walker and one of those craftmatic adjustable beds to complete the lifestyle. Anyways, yesterday went rock climbing again and had a good time. A girl from another lab, Ashley, came and tried it out for the first time. Invited us all to her place that night for board games. Ended up playing cranium, not my favorite game in the world but our team won and I avoided humming any songs or acting out skits...thus, I had a good time with it. Also learned some card game from scott that was kinda cool and that we'll probably play again. This afternoon, scheduled to play squash for the first time with scott and audrey and then to audrey's house for a party to celebrate walter taking the GREs today (any excuse for a party). As scott put it recently, "I've never been this active until you all got here (the people from massachusetts here for the summer)...I'm certain that when you all leave in august I'll be back to my regular work out routing of sitting on my ass in front of the couch and drinkin a beer." I suppose there are worse things than that but it has been nice being a bit more active that usual, especially with things I rarely if ever did back in massachusetts. Patrick OUT!

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