To recap

Where to begin...things got really busy hear really quickly. Saturday was spent doing mostly nothing, lent Adam the car so he could go out with his girlfriend some place but ended up needing it to go play soccer that afternoon. Dan and I rode our bikes to the field (very reminiscent of being in junior high again) and had a good game. I don't want to toot my own horn here but as far as soccer is concerned, I don't think I'm understating anything when i say "i suck." Had a good time none the less and will probably go back for another go 'round. That night went to a party at this girl lynn's house after having some BBQ and Audrey's place. Dan and I brought steaks, actually Dan brought steaks and I just drove. Ended up being a kinda cool party, they had jello shots that someone decided would be quite to put in miniature plastic wine glasses. They looked kinda classy but it was a little strange. We always made ours in little paper cups that would quickly be thrown on the floor or smashed into furniture. While they were always good, what a pain in the ass to clean up. Lynn's house was nice, actually really nice...huge TV, mercedes in the garage, subzero refrigerator...and she's a grad student. Come to find out she's been married a few times and has an eleven year old kid. To make things even more strange the RISE students (undergraduates doing summer research in the labs) were all there as well. They were crazy, a mixture of alcohol irresponsibility and social awkwardness made for an interesting show for the rest of us. At about 3 in the morning, people decided they wanted to go to IHOP. I'm always down for some pancakes so I obliged and drove (being one of the few sober people left). Got there and the place was fairly busy, ordered some corn pancakes. Kind of like pancakes made with corn muffin batter. In a word, they were HEAVENLY. Perhaps the finest breakfast food ever created, though possibly second to those pop and fresh cinnamon buns that come in a tube, could be a tie there. Anyways after a somewhat lengthy dinner/breakfast and trying to make conversation with people too drunk to even attempt such things we finally made it back to the apartment at 4:30. Of course, woke up at 9:30 the next morning because I couldn't help myself and went to the lab for a bit to get a little work done. Came back and started making ribs for everyone. Never made this kinda ribs before but they came out not half bad, could've used a little less salt and a little more brown sugar but I suppose thats lesson learned for next time. Not that I wrote any of this down until now so I will probably just make the same mistake again. Scott and melinda came over and watched Talladega nights. Today, played volleyball on the sand courts in the apartment complex. Had a good time and got covered in sand. Took a shower afterwards and went to dinner with the guys to some pizza place down town. Hung out afterwards and had a couple beers and now I'm off to bed. To recap:Soccer-> Jello shots -> crazy undergrads -> Heavenly IHOP-> Salty Ribs -> Volleyball -> Goodnight.
Patrick OUT!

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