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Well, the conference finished with fairly little fanfare. I didn't win the poster competition, two fifth year PhD students weaseled their way in front of me. Got everything packed up Sunday morning to leave and drive back to Jonesboring. This time the car would have four people instead of three because Dan needed a ride back. After informing Dan of the particular circumstances surrounding the rather harrowing ride up we decided that it would be best if perhaps we minimized the time Lou was in the drivers seat and did most of the driving ourselves. I took the first shift to get us out of the city. Had to pay $92 in parking for less than 4 total days. You'd think for that price they would change the oil or something. Drove until we reached some small town in Illinois where we stopped for gas and then lunch at a subway. Siva once again announced to the woman at the counter, "I am a vegetarian." To which she replied, " dont get meat on your sandwich." A good piece of advice for any aspiring vegetarian who is not too familiar with the concept. We sat down to eat and I noticed that out the window was an establishment of some sort called "The G-spot." It didn't really look seedy at all but I made a sophomoric (please note: this is the only time I have ever used that word) crack of some sort to Dan about it. At this point, Lou, who had seemingly no control over the volume of his voice asked what a "G-spot" was. I told him we would explain it in the car. Upon getting back in the car we had perhaps the strangest conversation yet where it was as if I was living an east asian version of Borat. Trying to answer such questions as "where can a man have sexy in this country?" "its ok for man to have wife and then have girlfriend?" "what about mr. clinton?" Dan and I tried to answer the questions as tactfully as possible without piquing further interest too much. Eventually Lou and Siva fell asleep and that was the end of it. Dan drove for another few hours and then it was Lou's turn to drive. I buckled my seat belt tightly and prepared for the ride. It didn't take all of 10 minutes before Lou was already veering off of the road as he wasn't paying attention and trying to drink his coffee. Thankfully he didn't fall asleep at the wheel but he did decide it necessary to honk the horn at a car parked in a driveway, I guess just in case it decided to jump into the middle of the road suddenly. Finally made it back home and watched a rerun of the season finale of the Sopranos. I kinda thought that I should have watched that show from the begining but I think even after that one episode the thing that struck me most was ....

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