SIVB: Society for the Intentionally Very Boring

Finished day one of the conference and I was very much underwhelmed. I skipped out on the very early meeting this morning because I had to be at my poster for judging at 8:00 am. I think it went fairly well and if I do well enough there could be a cash prize in my future. We should find out tonight. Saw a pretty good session this morning before lunch about miRNA and regulation of gene expression. Then went out to lunch with Dan, Siva, Liu, and one of Liu's friends who gave me his name three times before I just gave up and said I understood what he said. Found a little italian restaurant where we ran into the same problems that we had at Denny's. Did a lot of explaining but this time on a more general scale. "What is this...entree?" He wasn't asking what chicken parmagina was he was asking what an entree is and then he moved on with insalata, antipasti, etc. etc. I felt like I was going to have to explain all of italian cuisine right there. Lunch went late so I missed the afternoon poster session but shed a small tear inside to make up for it. There are interactive poster sessions in the afternoon that should be *yawn* great. Some interesting talks later and then a business meeting that I wouldn't be going to if they weren't giving me a check there. I guess they figure they have to bait the grad students with money...I bet you I'm probably last on the agenda just to add insult to injury. Meeting lots of "interesting" people here that will be the subject of a later post. Patrick OUT!

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