Oot and aboot

Been out two nights this week, haven't done this since college...really is a novelty now to be able to say that. Anyways, last night went to Audrey's (guy from another lab group) and had a good time. Pretty laid back crowd all in all. He had a BBQ with lots of food. He made some chicken with garlic and soy sauce and ginger and it was soooooo good. While I'm not exactly sure whats in it, I'm sure I could replicate it somewhat. Had a few beers and called it a night...not bad for a wednesday. Today went rock climbing at the local community center. The rock gym there was pretty sweet and you can climb for free on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Audrey was there again looking like spiderman on the wall and I was...not. It was fun none the less but I can already tell that my forearms are going to be sore. After that we all went to the Brickhouse for dinner and drinks. A very cool place, that I hope to go to again. Its another "private club" so both Audrey and Scott were members and we were able to get in without paying this time. Had a fantastic beer selection and I got to have a "fat tire ale" for the first time since working out west...heavenly. Had a pretty good burger to go with it and they had live music upstairs. Again, really a cool place to be. Couldn't stay out too late though because we (Pam, Dan, and myself) have to give a seminar tomorrow on our work with artemesinin. Should be ok, I'm not too worried about it because I don't have to impress anyone here. Probably not the right attitude to take but I really hope the whole thing is low key and people have a good time and dont get all crazy about stuff. Of course, if I could find just a small verbal argument with some faculty member that would make my day too. Thats from 10-12, and then I have my weekly meeting at 2 so between those two things and lunch...I don't see myself being very productive tomorrow. Then the weekend begins with a possible trip to mountain view which I gather is the folk music capital of the world or at the very least the folk music capitol of north central arkansas (and is there really more to the world than that?). Either way, I'm hope to get my bluegrass on and listen to some down home good time music. Patrick OUT!

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