Took a late night drive to Sonic last night. Perhaps the best part about being down south is the presence of this particular dinning establishment. I use the term dinning in the loosest possible way here because Sonic is a drive in. Actually its both a drive in and a drive through though I suppose in order to have a drive through you would always need to drive in but thats besides the point. What isn't besides the point is the most spectacular nectars that this place churns out. In particular is the cranberry limeade that is perhaps the finest drink ever created by a high schooler in a silly hat. While I try to abstain from fast food at pretty much all costs, this is totally worth it. I have never eaten the food at sonic though i hear it aint so good. By my count jonesboro has 5 sonics all within 5 miles of my apartment. That is one sonic for every 10,000 people that live here. Now that might not seem like a lot but lets remember that Sonic is not the only fastfood restaurant in town. There are fast food places I have never even heard of in total within the city limits of jonesboro there are at least 48 fast food establishments
5 Sonics, 4 McDonalds, 3KFCs, 3 TacoBells, 2 Burger Kings, 2 Popeyes Chicken, 1 Hardees, 1 Arbys, 1 Chick Fil-A, and 26 assorted pizza places. Bringing our ratio of people to fast food to 1100 : 1. Normally I would levy some amount of criticism here but I am reminded that Framingham, my own home town, boasts at least 10 Dunkin Donuts with a population not that much more than jonesboro. It might also be worthy of note that Arkansas is the 7th fattest state (CDC 2006) in the nation while massachusetts comes in at the 2nd leanest. Not sure if there is a connection there but I wouldn't rule it out. Patrick OUT

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