Sock Economics

Went to club 501 last night. Had a good time, its a steak house but we all just had burgers (filet mignon burgers to be precise). They were quite large and I couldn't finish mine. Had two fat tire ales which were both excellent...I really wish they sold that in massachusetts. i think i might buy a case down here to take back. Also went to Target before dinner with the guys. Bought socks there which is really a highlight because there are few things that make me feel as good as putting on a brand new pair of socks. Brings to mind a story a friend told me, he determined that because the cost of doing laundry in the dorms was so high (used to cost like 6 dollars or more to do a single load of laundry) and because socks took up a small but persistent percentage of his laundry load that it made more economic sense for him to go to Sam's club and buy huge packages of socks and only wear them once. He showed me the numbers and I always thought that would be nice. So today, I'm wearing my new socks and its great. Ask yourself, who else's blog can you get a whole paragraph on the merits of new socks? Not too many I would guess. Besides all that, after dinner we went over to amanda's (an undergrad who cuts the heads of rats in the lab, and is all to willing to explain the guillotine mechanism used to accomplish the job) apartment. Ashley from the night before was there too and they were getting very drunk. Ashley doesn't drink and I always assumed that it was for some moralesque reason. In actuality she just really detests the taste of any alcohol. Furthermore she has an unnatural ability to taste it even behind pretty substantial cover. Thus her friends were trying to find some combination of sugar, fruit, and ice that would effectively mask the taste such that she could enjoy it with them. I think they finally settles on a very sweet strawberry daiquiri. The guys on the other hand, after a good couple long nights in a row, remained relatively sober...much content at watching the girls. Left there later than I should have to go to bed so I could be at work for 8:15 meeting with Robyn (the PI I work with downstairs) which she was late for. She blamed it on having ADHD, which I at first accepted until I remembered that I don't believe it exists. Anyways, now I'm waiting for all my experiments to finish after lunch. Then off to a masters thesis defense which should be at least somewhat interesting. Patrick OUT!

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