Off to Indy

Well tomorrow I leave for Indianapolis for the Society of In Vitro Biology national conference. should be a good time, I've never been to indianapolis. We rented a car today so Pam's two post docs (who I mentioned in a recent post) and I will be driving up together. Should take about 8 hours from here, though Lou said he wanted to drive two hours then take a break and then drive two hours etc. etc. I'm going to try and push him to go a little further than that so we can get there before midnight. Also, I'm in a graduate student poster competition there so wish me luck and maybe I can come away with a cash prize. Not really a whole lot else going on but hopefully this weekend will be fun and educational, I will try and post regularly while I'm there but I don't know what my access to the internet will be. Also, very happy birthday wishes to Simone! Patrick OUT!

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