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Its been a while since my last post but Jonesboro has been as I initially expected it to be...boring. While I haven't done very much, I have seen two movie worthy of my opinion. I know what you're all saying, "Patrick...when has a movie ever not been worthy of your opinion?" The answer to that lies in the film "Never Been Kissed" starring drew barrymore which I might think was the worst film of all time if it was even worthy of my opinion. So bad in fact was that movie that John Barrymore contacted his broker from beyond the grave and had him sell his estates stock in 20th century fox.
Anyways, I saw spiderman 3 in Indy with Dan. It was pretty campy all told, not that I was expecting much more. Tobey Maguire or is it Topher Grace...aren't they the same person??? Was entirely ineffective this time as a more manly womanizing version of spiderman. He should really stick to the awkward teenage roles and not assume he can do anything else. The same goes for his twin there Topher, that 70s show was good for you but don't assume that you're a good actor because people watched your show. I think that after three spiderman movies they might have done all that they can with this franchise. They are really starting to stretch with this stuff now...they have gotten away from the mindless superhero movie and gone on a crusade for human drama in spandex.
The other movie I saw was "Art School Confidential." Its essentially about a small private art college and the cornucopia of strange people that inhabit it. There are avant garde filmmakers, stoners, goth drawing majors and every other stereotype you can think of. John malkovich is in it and is clearly the shinning star of the movie...he really needed a bigger role. Of course, I probably say that for every john malkovich movie. The rest of the movie surrounds a weak plot about a freshman artist trying to find love and the search for a serial killer roaming the campus. The film itself is totally bizarre with lots of scenes where you aren't sure if you should laugh or not and very few where the decision is clear. Might be worth a rent if you are or have ever thought about going to art school.
Patrick OUT!

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