In the Bag

Watching the redsox last night was about as classically dramatic baseball as you could get. Two great teams ( great team and another team with luck on their side last night), their best pitchers, a historic rivalry, in fenway park. Lead changes, homeruns, and crazy weather all made their mark. Alas, we were not to come out victorious on this day. so disappointing to regain a one run lead and then have our two most reliable bullpen staffers blow it big time. I felt like I was watching julian tavarez of last year. I also made the fatal mistake of proclaiming in the 7th inning that, "this game is the bag." Perhaps, i put a monumental hex on the redsox with those five small words. Either way I went to bed fairly disappointed in what I had just witnessed. To make matters worse, Roger Clemens is now injured and is going to miss his start. Normally this wouldn't have mattered but the New York v. Chicago game was going to be national and I was looking forward to Roger's hopefully less than triumphant return to the evil empire. Maybe next time. Patrick OUT!

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