After a short hiatus…I’m back from Memphis. I’m sure some of you didn’t even notice I was gone but I’m over that now. I was there for the Memphis in May/ Beale St. Music Festival which was pretty good…wet…but good. I went with a good buddy of mine, Brian whom I hadn’t seen since last October. It was a good sort of reunion with a guy who was once described as my heterosexual life partner (I can’t deny it). Anyways the music, and food and beer were all great. Susan Tedeschi, and Elvis Costello were the clear highlights of the event. Johnny Lee Hooker was also great and Steve Miller band was just as good as expected. The atmosphere was phenomenal with lots of people in a really good mood despite the foul weather and muddy conditions. I would definitely go again but I think my next stop will be the Chicago Blues Fest which I hear is amazing though a bit different in terms of atmosphere. Of course now its back to work…err, almost because clearly I’m not doing that now. Soon enough though…nose to the grindstone to try and churn out enough data for a couple more papers over the next three weeks…yup, you read that right three weeks. Later this week I’m going to finally write about the swine flu because I feel that I haven’t added anything to the hype and I don’t want to let you down thinking I haven’t noticed it. Patrick OUT!!!



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