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Discover Magazine: Texas is Doomed

It appears to me that we are entering a new age of the religion and reason battle. The state of texas state board of education has now voted to remove references to the age of the universe. The presumption is that the generally accepted age of the universe (14 billion years) may somehow be at odds with some religious fundamentalists. I kind of get why they don’t like evolution and all that stuff…but the age of the universe…I mean really that only conflicts with the bible if you take every word literally. How many could their possibly be that read the bible and say “yup…that all sounds like the literal truth of the matter and then decide that all the science must be flawed…probably just a test of our faith delivered from on high.” WHAT?!?! Then, of course, the board of education votes to, indeed, weaken the states stance on the age of the universe there by opening up the door to young-earth creationists.  Well shit…that’s crazy. I can just barely get my head around the absolute inanity and absurdity of that action. These people are IDIOTS…seriously, there is something wrong in their heads. If you want to believe that the earth is flat or any other off the wall thing then that’s your business but if you sit on the school board and are in charge of the science curricula…you need to keep it to yourself. If they go off and willfully weaken the education of our young people because of a delusion…its criminal. Just plain WRONG. I know I’ve called for people to perhaps not go off bashing religion at every turn and that I’ve been guilty of just that but this goes too far. You believe what you want to believe but the denial of reason in matters of public policy is the lowest of the low. This is North Korea low. We might as well just start referring to that board of education as our “dear leaders.” UGH! The NCSE is fighting the good fight here and I would appreciate any and all of you to either join with them or donate some money to the cause. Patrick OUT!!!


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