Grades have been turned in for (hopefully) my last teaching assignment for a while. Next year should be pedagogically free for me and that is a welcome change. I was grading a lot on participation in class which is always tricky (because it always has this awful subjective component to it). Of course their exams constituted the bulk of the grade which was good for some and certainly not for others. I think that the class did surprisingly bad considering the format (take-home open book). I tried to be generous with it and it helped some people out. I guess I’m just glad that the semester is over and looking forward to getting the summer started now. The lab is going to be very quiet for some time but that might be OK in some respects so I’m not fretting it as much as I might otherwise. Patrick OUT!!!


What I’m Listening Too: “Hot for Teacher”- Van Halen…why is it that my students don’t feel this way? : )


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