Criminal Hubris

Nancy Pelosi has found herself embroiled in a controversy concerning what she knew or didn’t know about the use of torture or “enhanced interrogation techniques” on suspected or avowed terrorists. I really think this woman doesn’t understand that attempting to fool the whole country so you can have it both ways is just dumb. Does she honestly believe herself to be that much smarter than EVERYONE? Furthermore is it really a surprise that a politician might switch their views to go along with what happens to be popular at the moment…riding the wave. John Kerry made a career out of it and George H.W. Bush found jesus before his run for president. So yea…the idea that Pelosi is a bit hypocritical should come as no surprise. I think the most important part of the story is the heartening display of party disunity on the parts of Pelosi and Leon Panetta. I’m not sure I agree with Mr. Panetta being in his current post (CIA director for those not paying attention), but I’m glad at least he is sticking up for himself and his agency and calling bullshit on one of the most powerful people in congress. Give that guy a pat on the back for being righteous.

Pelosi on the other hand should be a bit embarrassed for being caught. I don’t know if it really calls for her resignation from the speaker’s position but she should at the very least acknowledge that she is a political hack and made a mistake and then apologize to “the Agency.” I’m also hoping just a bit that she gets a serious contender for her house seat in the next election because having to defend her inaction on torture to her very liberal constituency will be fantastic political cinema. This is a little bit reminiscent of the Clinton sex scandal, where everyone with half a brain knew what he did…most didn’t really care about the nitty gritty details but rather were offended by his almost instinctual display of hubris and ability to lie so poorly to prosecutors (a bit out of character for willy).

All in all, I’m pretty done with this story because it doesn’t accomplish much except for political embarrassment. We aren’t advancing any public policy here or making the country a better place. Its kind of like a summer blockbuster…pretty entertaining for a short time but you know its not going to win any awards and it ain’t gonna make it to the DVD collection either. Patrick OUT!!!



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