So I’ve decided what I want to do for the rest of my life. OK, I’ve said that before and it never sticks but for the moment…I want to work for NASA. I’ve almost entirely resigned myself to the fact that I’m going to be continually in search of research patronage from tax payer dollars. I had always assumed that it would be at a university or research institute. But then I thought what if I could be at the ULTIMATE expenditure of tax payer dollars (no, not the military), NASA. I mean seriously, its like the epicenter of geekdom right here in the US of A. Perhaps the only thing geekier is a postion at CERN but being an American and not into particle physics I think my chances there are limited.

I know what you’re thinking, “Patrick, you don’t know the first thing about being an astronaut.” That’s true…but I could learn. No no, that’s not really my plan. They actually hire a good number of biologists (even burgeoning young plant biologists like myself). What do they do with them? Lots of things. First off they need people to plan out long term manned missions to other places (the moon, mars, etc.) They are also looking for ways of maintaining astronaut health and well being which means food supplies (mostly plants because we haven’t mastered the space chicken yet), and also medical supplies (remember I work with medicinal plants). Also, I’ve read the Andromeda strain three times which I think makes me something of an expert in exoplanetary virulence factors (note to self: include Andromeda strain on resume).  

But seriously…how cool would that be? I mean even if we put the immensely cool job aside the ego boost (What? I could always use a little more) from introducing myself as, “Dr. Arsenault…I work for NASA.” Um yea, I can hear the supermodels running my direction now just itching to get a piece of my lab coat. Sweet! Plus there is always that off chance that they’ll pick you for a space mission and all that good stuff. I can’t wait to get my space suit fitted. Patrick OUT!!!



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Mel said...

So, you're going to join the money sucking agency known as NASA. I always knew I'd regret telling people of my dislike for it. They always look at me like I just killed their childhood dreams. Anyways are you going to be a dignified NASA scientist like in Aploolo 13 or the one who sneaks girls into the flight simulator and crashes it like Fantastic Four.

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