Christian Scienctists...what?

The Church of Christ Scientist is furnishing a speaker in Framingham this coming week. The Title of his Talk: “Prayer: God's Stimulus Plan.” Holy Shit…literally. This guy wants to tell me that the downfall of my business or economic status can be mitigated through prayer. Ummmm…no. Lets keep in mind that these are the same people who deny the basics of modern medicine in favor of health through prayer. Why would they do such a crazy thing? Well they believe that disease is not necessarily caused by viruses or bacteria but rather is caused by a deviation from god. So OK…I can maybe get that they’ve never seen the evidence for bacterial disease and don’t just want to take someones word for it (of course they don’t hold those same standards with the bible). But doesn’t their theory fall apart with the 1.8 billion Chinese people who seem to live alright and yet don’t worship their god (some may have never even heard of him/her/it). Or for that matter…there’s me. I not only don’t worship their god…I actively deny his existence. You would think that would piss him off royally…and yet I remain pretty healthy. Hmmm…so what DO they get out of this? Well they get higher morbidity and mortality rates. It costs them money because some of them pay professional “prayers” to try and get them well when they are ill. Their children suffer because they contract diseases we have vaccines for and subsequently miss school and fall behind. Wow…what a trade off for the opportunity to worship a non-existent deity. Note to self: Start career as professional “prayer” for gullible Christian scientists. Patrick OUT!!!

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