Teachers Fail at Math



Apparently the prospective teachers in Massachusetts aint doin so hot on their teachers exams. More specifically they can’t do math. In fact, almost 3 out of 4 of them failed their exam on the math portion. It’s a good thing there are lots of subjects for them to teach other than math but man I wouldn’t want to have my grades computed by these people. I was all ready to judge the whole lot of them harshly but I decided I would be more fair than that so last night I took the practice exam to see how I did. There were 45 questions and it took me about 1 hour to complete (note: the allotted time is an amazing 4 hours). I used nothing but a pen and paper (i.e no calculator because I couldn’t tell if that would be allowed or not). Out of 45 questions I did get 2 wrong. For those wondering, I have included a link to the practice test below. The ones I missed were #13 and #17. I missed the first one because I was stupid and I feel bad about that one. The second one was just a dumb question based on a contrived means of multiplication that no one would ever use and so I kind of glossed over it and guessed…poorly. Other than that…the test is easily passable (actually I don’t know what passing is but I’m assuming that a 96% is good enough). Take the test for yourself and see how you do. Keep in mind…I might have a lot of formal education under my belt but I haven’t looked at elementary school math in a LONG time. Hopefully you’ll do better than me and hopefully better than the people teaching our state’s children. Ugh how depressing. Patrick OUT!



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