On being vegetarian

I don’t think I get the whole vegetarian thing. Rather I don’t get the people who don’t eat meat but still buy things that taste like meat (you know who you are fake bacon eaters). I’ve heard about the health issues of eating meat but I’m not sure I buy that because its really all about moderation. If you ate nothing but avocado all day then you wouldn’t be in super good health that same is if you ate nothing but prime rib every night. This is especially true of those partial vegetarians that just don’t eat pork or beef (hey sis)…what the hell? Is there something wrong with tetrapods? Is it because they are cuter than their avian and ichthyian (I might have just made that word up) cousins? Back to my original point…why deny yourself something? At least for some its clearly not because they just don’t like it because the market for non-meat imitations is huge. Of course, I can’t discount the moral argument from you vegans out there. I don’t really get it but I can’t discount it. I suppose my main gripe with it, is the issue of why we need to hold humans to a higher standard than the rest of the animal kingdom. Sure we’re a bit smarter but not particularly well adapted to our environments or that much more evolved than some other species (most of us can’t hunt our own food anymore and we are very prone to killing each other without just cause…something fairly rare in most other species). And why not eggs? If we didn’t eat them they would go to waste and if we let the chickens go in the wild they would be eaten by something else…isn’t it better to just make the best of the situation and have an omelet (maybe filled with some bacon, sausage, cheese and every other good thing in life that vegans deny themselves). I’m off to have a bacon cheese burger. Patrick OUT!!!


What I’m Listening Too: Aaron Copeland – Rodeo (conductor: Leonard Bernstein)


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